Sniper Moves Just Before Round Impacts His Position

first published on October 23, 2017 by

A sniper with the Free Syrian Army moves from his firing position just in time to not be shot and killed by return fire from the Syrian Arab Army.

Round Impacts

Chaos and combat are two things that go hand in hand. On the battlefield there is no way to tell if you will live or die. Every soldier that has ever stepped foot on the battlefield has had to contend with the fact that at any moment in time the enemy could take an action that would end their lives. Those actions could be the result of direct fire, indirect fire, explosive devices, or even truly random deaths like being crushed in an accident. With this same territory comes the number of near miss incidents that almost every combatant will experience once or twice as well while they live and survive on the battlefield.

Often, you will hear stories from people who have been to war where they can recount the exact moment that they almost died as a direct result of enemy actions. The individual was lucky for a number of reasons, such as a piece of protective equipment catching a stray round, choosing to sit the moment a rocket propelled grenade impacted their position sending shrapnel inches over their head, or picking up something that they dropped the instant a sniper pulled a trigger on them. It’s rare that things like this are caught on camera, so when it happens it’s generally a big deal.

The video below is one such example of the true chaos of battle, and how an individuals luck can very much play a part in their survival. In the video you are about to watch, which comes from one of the earliest stages of the Syrian Civil War, a sniper from the Free Syrian Army occupies a firing position and beings taking shots at a Syrian Arab Army position. After several seconds of firing on the SAA troops, it becomes apparent to the sniper that he has been spotted and he makes the decision to change positions. In the instant that he turns to walk away from his firing position, return fire starts to rain in and through the wall he was standing next to.


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