RoK Troops Will End Your Week With a Massive Bang!

first published on April 13, 2018 by

If you’ve had a long week, it’s finally time to sit back and relax. Here’s some footage of the RoK kicking it to start off you weekend with a real bang! This video was created by the MILITARY CHANNEL on YouTube, make sure you go check them out at this link if you want more videos like this one.


South Korean troops have had an interesting lifestyle since the early 1950s. They have constantly been training for an impending war with their northern neighbors, and until just recently it has always seemed like the two nations were on the verge having an all out war for control of their small peninsula. Almost a century of constant training and posturing has created a military power no one wants to test out of the Republic of Korea, and this short video is only a small glimpse into what they are capable of.

Joint training operations with the United States, and other allied nations, have been a staple of military life every day in South Korea for as long as most people there can remember. They are one of the many countries around the world who require mandatory conscription into military service for every military aged male, with a two year minimum service requirement that has been in place since 1957. When it comes to having a war with your neighbor, I don’t see how the North Koreans could see something like this and figure that it would ever be a good idea to start a fight with these guys.


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