ROK Army Would Absolutely Crush North Korea, And Here’s Why

first published on February 14, 2018 by

The Republic of Korea ROK Army is an advanced fighting force that can and will hold its own on the modern battlefield.

The size of South Korea’s army usually hovers near a half million troops, which is maintained by conscription, or mandatory service for male citizens. Adult males must complete a minimum of 21 months of military service at some point between the age of 18 to 35.

The ROK Army maintains around 5,000 tanks and armored fighting vehicles, another 5,000 artillery pieces, and 600 helicopters. While the fighting force employs both Western and Russian military equipment, South Korea actually organically develops, fields, and sometimes even exports technologically advanced military hardware, including tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, and artillery.

South Korea’s impressive evolution of military advancement has everything to do with the daily threats of invasion and nuclear war from their neighbors to the north. The Republic of Korea knows the these threats are anything but hollow. North Korea invaded the South in the 1950’s which resulted in a 3 year war that resulted in several million casualties.

The ROK Army stands ready to close with and destroy their foe on the field of battle. Bolstered by their American counterparts, any adversary looking for trouble would have to be out of their mind or prepared to take heavy losses. These guys really are among the best militaries on the planet.