Rojava: Kurds Declare Own Nation State In Northern Syria

first published on March 18, 2016 by

Kurdish military and political bodies have declared the creation of an autonomous federal region in northern Syria, and the nation is being called Rojava. Rojava will include the areas of Afrin and Kobane in Aleppo province and Jazira in Hassakeh, as well as Arab and Turkmen areas they were able to capture from ISIS in the past years of fighting.


The declaration was condemned by the Syrian government, saying it was against the nation’s constitution, and it will not be honored or recognized in any legal sense. The new federal region is sure to enrage Turkey as well, who now shares their southern border with Rojava. The Turks’ hatred for the Kurdish ethnicity and fears of Turkey’s Kurdish population following suit with a separatist movement with Turkish territory will ensure that Erdogan’s government will do everything within its power to make sure Rojava is not recognized as a sovereign nation.


Although Kurdish units have been the most successful fighting force on the battlefield against the Islamic State and al Nusra, they were given no representation at the recent UN peace talks in Geneva concerning Syria, because Turkey didn’t want them there. Taking matters into their own hands by claiming what they have rightfully earned through bloody sacrifice, the Kurds may no longer be a nationless people.

Although Rojava is a mainly Kurdish region, the founders are claiming the federal region will be encompassing of all religions, sects, and ethnicities and bound by democracy.


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