Tank Captured, Platoon Wiped Out: Rocky Start To East Ghouta Offensive

first published on February 26, 2018 by

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) started their ground offensive into the East Ghouta rebel stronghold yesterday, and already things are off to a rocky start.

Although the pro-Assad forces didn’t commit to the UN Security Council’s call for a 30 day cease-fire, Russia announced they will be allowing a daily five-hour “humanitarian corridor” for the remaining 400,000 East Ghouta residents to leave the area, if they so choose. Russia will not be allowing humanitarian aid supplies or food into the besieged area, however. The daily truce is also likely an attempt to get the rebels who are not totally committed to the cause to leave the area without a fight.

A video uploaded by the Free Syrian Army (FSA) rebel army’s Jaysh al Islam (Army of Islam) shows the capture of an SAA T-72 main battle tank and over a dozen dead Syrian troops.

Based on the video, it appears that the Syrian troops got their tank stuck while under enemy fire and decided to abandon it, rather than risk getting hit by an anti tank weapon while trying to dislodge the armored vehicle. Unfortunately for the Syrian troops, they had nowhere to go but right into a gauntlet of automatic small arms fire being delivered by the Army of Islam rebels.

In the next scene, the rebels are shown easily backing the not so stuck tank out of its place of abandonment. The rebels hysterically chant and cheer as if they have won the entire war. The video then goes on to tour the trench of death where the corpses of what appears to be at least two dozen Syrian troops lay dead.

Scattered items around the dead bodies suggest they have already been pilfered for intel and equipment, so it is also likely that where they lay is not necessarily where they died. Many of the bodies were most likely dragged into the trench from other locations for added effect and video production value.

rocky start

Editors note: Before uploading the video I almost muted the audio because of the mind-numbing Takbir chanting from the cameraman and his cronies. However, as much as Assad is a war criminal that continues to indiscriminately kill his own civilians, I also want these “rebels” to be seen for what they really are: Brainless Islamists.

WARNING: This video contains graphic images and copious amounts of snack bar.