Airstrikes and Rockets Shower Down Onto Islamic State in Al Bab

first published on January 11, 2017 by

ISIS films as Turkish airstrikes and rockets shower down on their al Bab stronghold, east of Aleppo on 9 January 2017. Initially, the Western-backed, Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces were battling to dislodge ISIS from al Bab. However, Turkey, fueled by their hatred for the Kurds, couldn’t allow al Bab to become part of Rojava, the Kurdish pseudo state along northern Syria.

Turkey, along with their Free Syrian Army jihadist proxy force, made early gains against Daesh, but have now become bogged down in the fighting there. Turkey has expressed their grief with the US for not being forthcoming on requested air power, and has since warmed with Russia. Turkey has been part of dialogue concerning cease-fires in Syria. The talks included Syria, Russia, and Turkey, but the US wasn’t invited.


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