Scumbag Tries Robbing Mothers Day Celebration, Gets Dropped By Mom

first published on May 13, 2017 by

A dramatic video out of Brazil shows the result of an attempted robbery at a Mothers Day celebration that is quickly ended by one of the mothers in attendance, who also happens to be an off duty cop.

According to reports, mothers and their children were gathered at a local school for a Mothers Day celebration.

An armed criminal scumbag sees the group of women and children as an easy target of opportunity. He pulls his handgun and approaches the gathering.

The women and children scatter as the would-be thief attempts to steal a handbag. During the commotion an unassuming looking mother, who is also an off duty cop, pulls her duty pistol and immediately pops the suspect.

She reportedly fires three shots, and it appears that at least one of the rounds strikes the thief’s spine as his leg goes stiff and he immediately crumbles. He begins crying for pain and begging for his life as the off duty officer expertly steps back behind cover while giving the wounded criminal instructions.

The apparently well-trained officer then tells the dying thief to roll onto his belly, at which point she moves in and takes positive control of his firearm. Street justice is served!


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