“Combat Veteran” Has A Total Road Rage Meltdown In Colorado

first published on June 15, 2017 by

Guys like this are why veterans are getting a reputation for being out of control. The guy in the video is Chad Huntsinger, and he is having a serious episode of road rage. He clearly believes that he can say, do, and act however he wants. Huntsinger even claims his “combat veteran” status while verbally and physically assaulting the driver… a driver who appears to barely be out of high school. What a tough guy!

Speaking of his “combat veteran” status; it turns out that Huntsinger may have put too much emphasis on the word “combat” during his tirade. A man by the name of Duane Wilson claims that Huntsinger never saw any “real” combat. How does he know this? Because he claims to have been his First Sergeant (1SG) during OEF. So not only is he making an ass of himself on camera, but he is dragging down the reputation of real combat vets in the process.

It is not clear which individual caused this situation, nor does it matter. The rapid escalation of force by Huntsinger is unwarranted and unbecoming of the person he is claiming to be. Having a three plus minute violent meltdown over someone else’s driving is pathetic. Continuing to act like an asshole and committing unprovoked assault while being filmed is idiotic. Dragging down the reputation of every real combat veteran during your temper tantrum is inexcusable. Enjoy your fame Huntsinger, you have earned it.


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