Riot Cop Tries Kicking Frag Grenade Too Late

first published on October 8, 2019 by

A video reportedly from anti-government protests in Bangkok, Thailand in early 2014, shows a live fragmentation hand grenade detonating amid a group of riot police.


The policemen adorned in riot gear are connecting shields in phalanx formation. Suddenly, a protester throws a grenade at them, and it bounces off one of the shields. Rather than keeping the tight formation with their shields pointed toward the blast and hoping for the best, one of the cops decides to break ranks and kick the explosive.

However, he is too late in making the attempt, and his windup for the kick is ridiculously long and drawn out. The grenade detonates just as his foot meets it, and gas and shrapnel are shot into the group of Thai police officers.

From the video we can see the officer’s boot get ripped off and fly through the air. For a brief moment we can see him writhing on the ground in agony, and his foot is still intact. Lucky.


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