Revolutionary New Firearms Attachment Changes The Face Of Shooting

first published on April 1, 2017 by

This revolutionary new firearms attachment will change the way you shoot forever, and increase your Instagram game exponentially. #Selfie #Guns #GirlShooter

Pop-quiz. Have you ever been in a situation where you needed a tactical flashlight attachment for your weapon? How about an attachment for your camera for those sick YouTube training videos you’ve been making at the range? What about an innovative new way to listen to dubstep while you train with your fellow operators operating operationally?

Well, we’ve found the answer for all of your problems. Introducing the PhoneGreep 2000 (patent pending). An innovative, revolutionary new product from Polenar Tactical, the most inventive squatting slavs in the firearms industry.

With the PhoneGreep 2000 (patent pending) you will find solvency for all of your firearms woes. Need that flashlight? Phonegreep 2000 (patent pending) has you covered with its ability to attach to any firearms attaching device. Need a way to take sick selfies to prove how much of a badass operator you are on Instagram? Reverse the Phonegreep 2000 (patent pending) and use it to hold your phone stable while you produce those amazing hashtag inducing selfies. #Operator #InstructorThreezo #EveryDayGunStuffCarryHolster

The PhoneGreep 2000 (patent pending) is your every day solution to any problem. Check out the sick new video by Polenar Tactical talking about how awesome it is. Once you Greep, you’ll never go back to an ordinary flashlight.

Note: Some users on mobile devices may experience a scrolling video below. Click on the black box and it will still play. If you have issues, it’s because your Phone Greep 2000 (patent pending) isn’t attached to your rifle tight enough, and you’ll be forced to watch the video here instead.


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