Firefight Breaks Out Between Revolting Troops And Venezuelan Army

first published on August 7, 2017 by

A firefight broke out between a platoon-sized element of revolting Venezuelan troops and another Venezuelan Army unit on Sunday. The revolt was reportedly quelled.


According to a local news source, around 20 men took up arms against their command structure at a military base in north-central Venezuela as a “civic military action to restore constitutional order” and to “save the country from total destruction, to stop the murders of young people and families…” and “…as institutional militaries we… demand that it (National Assembly) recognize and respect the will of a people to be free of tyranny…”

The following video shows a semi-distant recording of the battle in which a small arms fire exchange can be heard. The video also appears to be merged with a cell phone video recorded by two motorcycle passengers highlighting an anti-government protest in which shots ring out. One of the riders claims to be hit, likely by rubber bullets or some other less-lethal munition.


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