Reporter Rudely Interrupted By Exploding Tank Directly Behind Him

first published on September 14, 2016 by

A reporter is rudely interrupted when a tank that is directly behind him explodes. It’s not nice to explode when people are talking about you.

During a recent attempt to break a long siege, a reporter that is on the front-lines is rudely interrupted.

As he is explaining the situation to the viewers at home, with a tank over his shoulder, a sudden explosion rocks the entire scene.

He quickly manages to escape with his camera man, but I’m afraid their live broadcast has been put on hold.

This footage was filmed during the 2016 Southern Aleppo campaign, which was a series of military operations that began in the spring.

The allied Islamist rebel group called the Army of Conquest, led by the al-Nusra Front, launched a surprise offensive south of Aleppo. They attempted to recapture territory they had lost during the large-scale government offensive in late 2015.


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