ISIS Release Shows Them Fighting The Taliban And Afghan Army

first published on July 2, 2016 by

A new ISIS propaganda release shows them going toe to toe with the Taliban and Afghan Army. Is Afghanistan failing already?

ISIS has been nothing more then a small blip on the radar in southern Afghanistan. In the past few months, all media attention has gone directly towards politics, or the conflict happening in Syria and Iraq. What’s astonishing however, is the absolute lack of coverage on things happening in Afghanistan.

In this new propaganda release from ISIS, we see first hand just how much steam the organization is gaining. New Taliban fighters are quickly becoming disenfranchised with an organization they feel does not represent them. In response to this they are leaving the Taliban, and joining the ranks of Daesh in Afghanistan. This is causing the group to become extremely powerful, similar to what we saw when they initially started growing in Iraq.

This video, coming straight from ISIS in southern Afghanistan, shows the group taking the fight to not only the Afghan Army directly, but also to the Taliban as well. Will ISIS be able to gain a foothold, and create a new arm for their organization? I think yes. If the rest of the world continues to ignore the problem, Afghanistan will fail to contain the problem.

Note: This is not the full release from ISIS. It is a brief combat edit of a 26 minute short film that included the executions of Taliban leaders. Everything that was not combat footage was removed.