Recovered GoPro From Rebel Who Got Himself Killed By Being Stupid

first published on December 22, 2016 by

During an armored attack on a regime held building, a rebel machine gunner gets himself shot and abandoned by his armor and squad. His GoPro was recovered.

This group of rebels underestimated their enemy during their assault. They got right underneath their firing position, and put themselves in the middle of a beaten zone. The only reason they were able to stay alive as long as they did, is because the armor was providing some cover from the terrible marksmanship of the conscripted regime soldiers.

The group’s machine gunner however, pulled a typical rebel machine gunner move. He put himself dead out in the open, and sprayed a long burst into the building which immediately resulted in him getting himself shot. Instead of being recovered by his squad, they mount back up and strike him off the list of martyrs.

Rebels without a clue on how to rebel.


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