Rebels Take Out Troops With Heavy Sniper Rifle

first published on February 17, 2016 by

Syrian rebels successfully use a heavy sniper rifle to target regime troops in Aleppo. A single soldier is dropped, and other Syrian troops brave the risk of death to retrieve their fallen comrade. At least one more troop is hit during the rescue attempt, and his buddies can be seen dragging him off before the video ends.

This video could have been a successful propaganda clip for the rebel unit, but they had to do the idiotic Middle Eastern thing and try to make it look more legit than it is by using hilariously unnecessary hand signals. Instant face palm. Exactly who are you signaling to and why? Did you not want the enemy to hear you, even though you just discharged an anti material rifle inside a reverberating concrete structure while your idiot buddy (who is well within whisper distance) has his hand-held radio volume cranked to 11 as he very audibly “Allah Akbars” into it? The stupidity hurts. If anything, you should be more worried about being visibly detected, so flinging your hand around like dummy is probably something you want to keep to a minimum.

Have you ever had a stupid person lie to you? It’s painfully, almost amusingly obvious that it’s a lie, but they think they can sell you on it, because they’re stupid. You almost feel sorry for how pathetic they are, but you don’t, because they are trying to fool you. Every week these bafoons upload incredibly corny videos that only people as dumb as themselves would actually believe. Shooting at empty armored vehicles, assaulting abandoned outposts, and dubbing gun shots and near miss audio tracks over the clips to make them seem more intense… That’s not helping your cause. Just give it to us straight.