Rebels Take Fiery Direct Hit During Chaotic Attack

first published on February 28, 2019 by

Free Syrian Army (FSA) rebel BMP and dismounts take a fiery direct hit during a chaotic attack against SAA Troops. Probably singeing more than just their eyebrows.

A purported armored assault by FSA rebels near Hama, Syria is easily broken up by SAA troops leaving a smoky and chaotic battlefield. The GoPro video taken by one of the dismounts, shows the poorly trained and coordinated FSA rebels attacking an SAA position with several BMPs. After inserting the infantry, the BMPs carelessly idle in the kill zone and really don’t seem interested in using their heavy weapons to defend themselves or the exposed infantry. Naturally, the poorly trained dismounts stick close to the armored vehicles and try to return fire. Very quickly, a few of them including the cameraman, post up on a BMP just as it takes a direct hit from an RPG or recoilless gun.

The large fireball engulfs the rebels, thoroughly scorching the cameraman and though it’s hard to tell, probably doing greater damage to his buddies. At this point the cameraman briefly collects himself, getting to his feet and checking the rear of the BMP – now spewing thick smoke. Either a result of his poor training or the shock from his close-call, the cameraman begins aimlessly running around the increasingly confused and chaotic battlefield. The FSA assault is clearly in trouble, as he inadvertently captures the now fractured dismounts and the disorderly withdrawal of the remaining FSA BMP elements.