Houthi Rebels Smash Multiple Coalition Armored Vehicles

first published on June 16, 2019 by

Sandal wearing Houthi rebels easily destroy multiple Saudi-coalition armored vehicles after a brief skirmish. Millions of dollars’ worth of equipment is quickly destroyed and seemingly abandoned without much of a fight on the part of the coalition troops, before being set on fire by the rebel raiding party.

A propaganda mashup video of Houthi rebels knocking out multiple Saudi-coalition armored vehicles has been released. The video begins with several large eight-wheeled vehicles being destroyed by guided Tube-Launched, Optically Tracked, Wire-Guided (TOW) missile strikes over a contested ridgeline before showing several infantry fights between the two sides.

Despite one of the largest defense budgets in the eternally warn-torn Middle East, the Saudi military and its allied coalition against the Iranian backed Houthi rebels has been plagued by numerous bloody setbacks. The rebels fire ballistic and cruise missiles supplied by the Iranian’s into Saudi Arabia with increasing regularity and launch deadly cross border raids into the southwest of the country. They overrun and destroy vulnerable outposts with alarming frequency, often killing many of the defenders and torching expensive military hardware.


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