Syrian Speedbumps: FSA Rebels Run Down Fleeing Troops

first published on January 17, 2017 by

A Free Syrian Army (FSA) video detailing a sensational and gruesome drive-by and vehicle run down of Syrian Arab Army (SAA) troops has surfaced. This video brings the another incident into further context and adds a dramatic vantage point of an armored vehicle running down several fleeing soldiers.

Earlier this year, a video of a wild and chaotic drive-by shooting conducted by a faction of the FSA was released. The lively but somewhat aggravating clip, tagged with a “Second Army” brigade watermark painted a not so flattering picture of the group – given it’s intended propaganda purpose.

Shortly thereafter, a second video surfaced of what’s obviously the same incident. Fortunately, this one manages to offer additional context on the dramatic events. It may even provide a few larger insights into the current situation inside the shrinking rebel territory held in Syria’s Idlib province.

Released by a different, yet allied FSA faction called the Free Idlib Army. The video depicts a vehicle raid on an ill-prepared and lightly equipped SAA or regime loyalist unit. Strangely, at least one and possible two FSA marked Minerva Special Purpose Vehicles (MSPV) are used by the rebel’s during the attack. Turkey supplies some “moderate” FSA groups with arms and ammunition, but Turkish made armored vehicles are a rare sight amongst the rebels. It’s a possibility that they could have stolen or raided the vehicle, but it looks almost shiny and brand new.

This vehicle is the likely platform for yesterday’s video but filmed from inside the cab and just behind the driver. Similarly plagued by surreptitious edits throughout, the vehicle lumbers towards the SAA who are suddenly scrambling in the open. The driver floors it and runs over a wounded soldier as the up-gunner apparently tries to not hit anyone else. Another edit, which conceals these pitiful shooting skills, and a dismount exits the vehicle near a building.

This is where the second possible MSPV glimpse is caught (0:21), though the blurry image is hard to decipher. After another blurry but close exchange of gunfire near the building, we’re suddenly back in the truck aimlessly driving around and pointlessly running over corpses. Since they can’t seem to hit anything with their weapons, using the truck is probably a good idea.


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