Brazen Rebels Easily Overrun Sunbaked Outpost

first published on April 10, 2018 by

Another poorly defended Saudi coalition outpost gets brutally overrun by Houthi rebels in Yemen. Initially slamming the redoubt with a guided missile, the brazen rebels easily chase the few defenders from the sunbaked Outpost.

A small stone hut at the top of a slight rise and surrounded by hesco fortifications bakes in the repressively stifling Yemeni sun. A few Saudi coalition troops lazily occupy the remote position, barely visible through the blistering heat. The Houthi’s initiate the attack by hitting the tiny building with a guided missile; the explosion rocks the small OP and the pre-staged rebels launch their ground assault.

The Houthi’s quickly cross the open ground and immediately begin throwing grenades into the occupied position. The defenders don’t appear to put up much of a fight, while the rebels clear bunker after bunker. As they consolidate their gains, several of the defenders can be observed running weaponless into the desert. The Houthi’s continue to clear the outpost and pillage enemy weapons.


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