Syrian Rebels Knock Out Two Regime Tanks in Quick Succession

first published on April 23, 2018 by

Free Syrian Army (FSA) rebels knock out two Syrian Arab Army (SAA) tanks in back-to-back TOW missile strikes. The incident purportedly took place in northern Homs, one of the only rebel pockets remaining in the interior of the war-torn nation.

A pair of SAA tanks sit idling and exposed allegedly in the Homs countryside. Surrounded by dismounted troops, they provide an irresistible target for an observant FSA TOW gunner.

The video begins with the launching of the first missile, sailing towards the rear tank with the soft burning glow trailing the meter-long projectile. After a long and tense flight time the guided missile detonates on the tanks turret in a massive fireball.

The fiery explosion spectacularly alerts the dismounted troops largely concealed in covered positions near the tank. Suddenly several dozen panicked soldiers are scrambling about recovering wounded and fleeing the exposed area.

While pandemonium rakes the SAA troops and the smoldering tank has a secondary incendiary cook-off, the rebels can be heard quickly reloading the TOW system. A second missile is immediately fired at the remaining and still idle tank.

The explosive result for the second tank, is nearly identical to the first’s. After a long flight dancing on the control wire, the missile strikes the tank engulfing it in a fireball. The video concludes with both tanks sporadically spewing flames from their burning hulks.