Houthi Rebels Blast Coalition Positions with Gatling Style Weapon

first published on July 22, 2019 by

Houthi Rebels in Yemen acquire a large caliber rotary cannon better known as a Gatling gun – mounting it on a truck and turning it against Saudi-led coalition troops.

A large caliber rotary cannon, likely a 20mm or possible 25mm, has appeared in a recent Houthi rebel propaganda video during an engagement in the steep Yemeni mountains. The rebels have mounted the typically uncommon weapon system on a lightweight pick-up truck in the familiar “technical” style. But this unsophisticated configuration forces them to fire the recoil intensive gun in short bursts, defeating the entire purpose of a multi-barreled cannon and its ability to saturate a target with rounds.

The origin of this particular weapon is currently unknown, and the original Houthi release makes no claims as to where it was acquired. Possible taken off a downed aircraft or anti-aircraft/missile system, it was very likely procured from the Saudi-led coalition forces before being turned against them.


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