Rebels Fire At MiG-21, It Responds By Dropping Bomb On Them

first published on June 4, 2019 by

Footage from the early days of the Syrian Civil War (circa 2014) shows rebels of the Syria Revolutionaries Front – Southern Sector (Jabhat Thuwar Souriya) firing heavy machine guns at a sharking MiG-21.


The anti aircraft fire doesn’t go unnoticed, and within seconds, the Syrian Air Force war plane banks and heads toward the cameraman’s position. The pilot cuts a dumb bomb lose and the insurgents scramble for cover in a state of panic. The bomb lands close, possibly even striking ground fighters.

This video will go down as one of the greatest clips to come out of the Syrian conflict… Not just because of the content of the footage, but for the additional fact that this was the one cameraman in all of Syria without an advanced state of Parkinson’s Disease.


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