Rebels Combine Drone And Helmet Cam Footage For Analytical Raid Video

first published on April 24, 2020 by

An analytical raid video reportedly filmed in 2019 in Latakia, Syria, combines drone and body-worn camera footage to give an in depth documentation of a successful operation against a Pro Assad hilltop outpost.

analytical raid /></p>
<p>The footage was released by “<a href=Incite The Believers,” an al-Qaeda affiliated Salafist umbrella group composed of Hurras al Din (“Guardians of the Religion”), Ansar al Tawhid, Ansar al Din Front and Ansar al Islam. They also interoperate in Idlib and Latakia with Hyat Tahrir ash Sham, another al Qaeda affiliate.

Latakia is a crucial piece of ground in Syria as it houses, Khmeimim Air Base, Russia’s hub for air operations across the country.


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