Rebel Tracks Bomb From Release To Impact – Almost Dies

first published on November 19, 2015 by

This Rebel camera-man tracks these bombs from the second they are dropped, until the moment they impact directly in front of him.

So this guy comes pretty close to winning a Darwin award. I’ll give it to him though, he is probably the single best camera-man in the entire middle east. He tracks these bombs from the second they are released, all the way up until their impact. Unfortunately for him, that impact was pretty much on top of him.

Honestly, what was this guy thinking?

“Oh hey look an Mi-24, this is going to be an awesome video shoot for our next propaganda video! Whoa bombs, cool! Those are most definitely not going to land anywhere near me, I should record them.”

Normally these guys try to run at the last second before the bomb impacts. We’ve seen that a ton of times. This guy though, nope, not a care in the world. He literally just stands there and records the bombs hitting directly in front of him. I am at a complete loss for words.

Retreat Tracks

Either he is really, extremely dense, or truly has accepted his fate in this situation. There is no way to be sure which.