Deadly Combat GoPro: Syrian Rebel Dramatically Kills Adversary from Rooftop

first published on February 5, 2017 by

Graphic Content: Deadly GoPro footage of a Syrian rebel dramatically killing an adversary at close range from a rooftop.

Purported Free Syrian Army (FSA) GoPro footage of an intense attack from inside the Idlib rebel pocket against the Syrian Arab Army (SAA). The clearly Turkish supplied rebels advance it at least three armored Minerva Special Purpose Vehicles (MSPV) – flying flags that resemble the logo of the FSA subsidiary “Sham Legion”. The legion is an alliance of Sunni Islamists who have at times allegedly worked with al-Qaeda in the region.

Following the now typical script of directly rushing isolated enemy outposts in the Syrian countryside, they advance on a few buildings near the edge of a town. Halting the armored vehicles just in front of the houses, the rebels quickly disembark the trucks and advance while suppressing potential enemy positions. While they use this initial momentum to their advantage, they continue to press into the town firing rounds at anything and everything and occasionally taking fire themselves.

Eventually arriving at a large multi-story building with rebels making entry, the cameraman throws a hand grenade on the rooftop before making his way inside. Climbing the stairs with several other rebels, they begin haphazardly sweeping room after room of what evidently is a school. The repurposed building clearly shows signs of the former military occupiers – sleeping accommodations and ATGM parts litter the various rooms and hallways.

Finally ascending to the top of the stairs and moving past another discarded ATGM, the cameraman and a fellow rebel cautiously pie off and then move onto the rooftop. The high roof reveals a dead SAA body near a slight explosive crater and overlooks much of the town. Collecting the dead adversaries weapon, the cameraman then walks over to the ledge and peers into the backyard below.

To the total surprise of the rebel, an enemy soldier is attempting to make his escape just a few meters below in the backyard. He immediately fires and simultaneously screams in excitement, briefly turning towards his comrades to communicate this surprising development. This first bullet and scream audible alert the doomed SAA soldier – now looking up just as the rebel fires again. This round almost certainly hits the soldier, who instantly slumps to the ground. The rebel fires several more rounds and adds several more succinct screams before heading downstairs to confirm his kill, concluding the video.