Rebel Crosses Danger Area – Almost Gets Killed by Sniper

first published on April 9, 2019 by

What appears to be an unarmed member of the Free Syrian Army almost gets killed while crossing a danger area somewhere in Syria.

Danger Area

There is a right way and a wrong to cross an open area where an enemy sniper could be aiming. The correct way to do it involves posting up security on the near side of the sniper’s avenue from a relatively concealed location, and then bounding a man across the danger area to the far side. If the sniper shoots while the first man crosses, the man on security can open fire on the sniper’s position to suppress or kill the sniper. If the sniper doesn’t fire, you have established near and far side security and can now attempt to bound your entire squad across the danger area one at a time.

In Syria, we tend to see things done the wrong way. Instead of posting any form of security to return fire on the sniper, we get a great example of how not to cross a danger area. The way not to do it is to get one guy across the danger area and establish the fact that there is indeed a sniper aiming down the avenue you are trying to cross. Then, after establishing there is indeed a sniper, pull out your cellphone and record the moment your friend picks up his briefcase and makes a suicide run across an area that will probably get him shot.

Fortunately for the briefcase wielding rebel in this video, the sniper is a bad shot, and he manages to make it across the danger area without catching a round to his gut.


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