Reapers Fight It Out With The Taliban In Kandahar

first published on September 18, 2018 by

A helmet cam video from 2011 shows a sustained firefight in Kandahar, Afghanistan as 1st Infantry Division soldiers defend their outpost from a Taliban attack.


Soldiers from B Co 3rd PLT REAPERS take enemy contact at their fire base and return fire at known and suspected enemy locations. Enemy mortar rounds impact near their fighting position several times as the Taliban attempt to bracket the outpost.

The enemy fighters smartly attack with the setting sun to their backs, forcing the American infantry troops to look into the sun. Videos like this always bring the armchair generals out in full force, so I’ll beat you to the punch.

Yes, in fact, you do regularly fire from behind and over the heads of your buddies. This is combat, not your peacetime Army Reserve qualification range. Also, the cameraman is in a leadership position, so yes, he has to step out from behind cover regularly to maintain situational awareness of the changing battle as well as keeping accountability of his troops and equipment.