Real or Fake: Jihadi Sniper Kill Montage

first published on November 12, 2015 by

A montage of sniper operations by Jaysh al-Islam.

This video shows just how extensive, and effective Jaysh al-Islam sniper operations are against the Assad Regime. While a good number of these shots are very real, there are a few that seem staged for propaganda. I’m interested in seeing what the community has to say in regards to the legitimacy of some of these shots.

Jaysh al-Islam is part of what is known as the Islamic Front in the Syrian Civil War. They are the product of a merger between Liwa al-Islam, and 49 other smaller rebel groups from the greater Damascus area. The group merged in September of 2013 with Liwa al-Islam being the dominant group. Zahran Alloush was announced their leader, as he had effectively proven himself while leading Liwa al-Islam.

Jaysh al-Islam Sniper

Primarily acting as a swing voter during large battles in Syria, the Islamic Front is a Jihadist group. A majority of their actions during the conflict show them arriving halfway through a battle, and participating on the side that holds their best interest at heart. They will fight with the FSA, and other extremist groups to meet their objective. However they refuse to work with ISIS believing that they are far to evil. Their overall plan is to take control of Syria, and establish a religious rule of law.


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