Real Housewives of ISIS… LOL

first published on January 4, 2017 by

The BBC show “Revolting” created the following skit Real Housewives of ISIS and it is definitely worth watching. The spoof makes the obvious parody of one of the most useless, cancerous show series on television and combines it with a storyline involving the Western Muslim women who travel to Syria to marry deadbeat jihadist goat rapists. In a darkly hilarious manner, the skit combines the realities of the Syrian War, like suicide bombing and enslavement of women, and delivers it in the form of the mindless drivel that is the Real Housewives series.

Of course, left wing snowflakes took to social media to tell everyone how offended they were (as if that somehow counts for something) calling the skit “insensitive” and yep, you guessed it: “racist,” the word that no longer has any meaning as it is now just a immediate reactionary impulse response to something you don’t agree with. What would you expect from a show called “Revolting,” you morons? Turn the channel, or better yet, drink a gallon of bleach.


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