Rats Deserting the Ship

first published on April 24, 2017 by

Proving the old idiom that rats always abandon a sinking ship, Daesh fighters in a fated outpost prove as inept at suicide bombing as they are at defensive operations.


A doomed Daesh outpost is under attack and burning. Several fighters can be frustratingly observed returning fire and apparently discussing their options. It’s excruciating to watch these three fighters move freely in their exposed position while the aggressor force wastes a prime opportunity for clean kills. After their final huddle, an armored Suicide Vehicle-Borne IED (SVBIED) appears from a depression and rushes the aggressors, causing a panic. True-to-form, the suicide bomber fails to successfully pick a target and aimlessly charges the line.

The cross-fire from the panicked aggressors engaging the SVBIED appears nearly as dangerous as the suicidal driver. Multiple weapon systems engage without regard for fields of fire or friendly troops, and rounds zing through their lines for a few panicked moments. The SVBIED finally selects a target, but detonates in a massive explosion just short of a few vehicles.

Given that the SVBIED suddenly charges a few moments after the Daesh fighters disappear behind cover, they may have coordinated the suicide attack and staged their escape during the confusion of the explosion. Whether on a ship in the ocean, or an outpost in the desert, the pinnacle of a rat’s intelligence, is to know when to run.


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