Rare Footage: TOW Missile Used On BMP Instead Of Infantry

first published on May 16, 2016 by

In an ultra-rare occurrence, the Free Syrian Army used one of their CIA supplied TOW missiles on an armored target instead of dismounted infantry.

Over the past few months, all CIA supplied TOWs being used by the FSA in Syria have been targeting infantrymen. Each time we receive a video, it’s more of the same. TOW team sets up, TOW gunner locks onto group of unsuspecting infantry in the open. TOW gunner slams infantrymen well within machine gun distance. TOW team packs up and leaves.

Clothes fly off infantry

This time however, we get to see something really special. The TOW team sets up, and takes aim at a rapidly advancing Syrian Arab Army BMP. For the first time in months, the CIA supplied TOW missiles fire at an actual legitimate military target.

The only real problem with this footage, is that the TOW team allowed Abu Hajaar to film the strike, and he tracked the wrong vehicle. Abu Hajaar… I hate you.


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