What Can The Rangers Do? Let Them Show You!

first published on July 14, 2019 by

A video produced by the 75th Ranger Regiment shows 3rd Ranger Battalion conducting a capabilities demonstration on July 9, 2019 on Fryar Drop Zone at Ft. Benning, GA.


Ranger Rendezvous 2019 just kicked off and hundreds of the elite infantrymen are taking part in massive force demonstrations which double as deployment readiness exercises.

The following video is a segment from the exercise and shows mounted elements of Rangers in Strykers and light armored vehicles rolling up on an objective shoot house while another unit arrives on Blackhawk helicopters and fast rope in. They then conduct breaching techniques and vanquish the opposing force role players before exfiltrating off the objective.

Other exercises that took place, but not shown in the video included working dog demonstrations and a mass tactical airborne operation. Five different Ranger Battalions sent soldiers to the event.