Ranger K9 Recently Killed In Afghanistan, “Saved Soldiers’ Lives”

first published on December 6, 2018 by

A military K9 was recently killed in action during a US Army Ranger raid against al Qaeda forces. It was the same raid in which Army SGT Jasso was killed.

The 7-year-old military working dog named Maiko died by hostile fire in Nimruz province on Nov. 24. In true Ranger fashion, Maiko led the way into the enemy-held compound. He immediately drew fire from a group of concealed enemy fighters who were about to ambush the American troops.

Maiko’s actions are said to have saved the lives of his fellow Rangers by forcing the hostile fighters give away their positions and drawing fire from friendly troops. Once exposed, the al Qaeda insurgents were promptly dealt with.

Maiko was on his sixth deployment to Afghanistan and had taken part in more than 50 Ranger raids. He is said to have been the most combat experienced dog in the battalion.

“There was not a day that passed where he was not 100 percent committed to giving everything he had, regardless of how hot it was, how long the (operation) was, or how many buildings needed to be cleared,” according to an unconfirmed biography on the US Army WTF Moments Facebook page.

The following video is a training demonstration, and shows how a military working dog may be used in an offensive raid capacity.


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