Ramp Gunner Takes Hit During Hot Extract – Australians Conduct Triage

first published on August 7, 2018 by

During a hot extract of an Australian SOTG team, the aircraft’s rear ramp gunner takes a gunshot wound to the arm. The SOTG members conduct triage.

Ramp Gunner 1

Insertion and extraction are the two most dangerous times for an aircraft and its crew. These two times are amplified one hundred fold if either the insertion or the extraction are conducted under enemy fire. The skin of most transport helicopters are thin and unarmored, allowing enemy rounds to pass through it pretty effectively. Helicopters also make a massive target for the enemy to shoot at, and even someone as unskilled and under trained as insurgent fighter from Iraq, Afghanistan, or even Somalia can score direct hits on bulky air frames of most rotary wing assets.

In this video, members of the Australian SOTG are conducting an extract under enemy fire with an MV-22 Osprey as their extraction platform. As the SOTG members pile inside of the aircraft, the ramp gunner is shot through the arm directly, causing a massive arterial bleed. The SOTG members rush to work in order to stop the bleeding, and ensure that the downed crew chief doesn’t make an expeditious retreat out of the back of the moving aircraft. Simultaneously, one of the members takes up the position to man the machine gun on the ramp to ensure that they are not defenseless from the rear.

Fair warning, this video contains intense scenes of combat triage that may be unsuitable for some viewers. We advise viewer discretion when viewing this video. The purpose and intent is to show the SOTG and aircrew’s reaction to taking a casualty in the middle of a hot extraction. The sound has been removed from this video for copyright purposes (use of music,) and the video has been stabilized.