Footage From Recent Gun Battle In Grozny Shows Rambo Technique

first published on December 19, 2016 by

In a recent gun battle in Grozny, in Russia’s troubled Chechnya region, a fighter utilizes the Rambo technique to fire at police.

You see a lot of horribly inaccurate things on television, and you can count on 90% of dramatized military tactics being wrong. Every now and then, someone sees those techniques and takes them to the streets for a real gun fight. That’s when things get really interesting.

In a December 17th gun battle, inside the troubled Chechnya city of Grozny, eleven militant fighters attacked police. The Police responded with awesome tactics like the “I am cover technique,” and the “Rambo modified firing position,” to defend the city, and it worked.

All eleven fighters were killed by police, with a Chechen leader saying “None of these devils will get out alive if they enter Grozny with weapons.”

Note: Footage taken from the police side of the gun battle. They were able to overcome the fighters using the techniques shown below, so imagine how terrible the militants must have been.


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