Radical Islam Is A Huge Problem. Political Correctness Is Making It Worse

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First, let me explain that myself and this page are not anti-Muslim, regardless of what transpires in the comments section. All of our writers are infantry vets with combat tours to Muslim nations, and we have all worked closely with Muslims, whether they be interpreters, local national troops, or the indigenous civilians, against radical Islamists.


I have kicked in the doors of dozens, if not hundreds, of Muslim homes, ripped the occupants naked out of bed in the middle of the night, flex-cuffed and blind-folded their sons, and tore their houses apart in search of evidence that, quite often, wasn’t there. Meanwhile, those occupants showed nothing but hospitality, offering us flat bread and hot chai.

There are entire Muslim nations’ armies fighting against radical jihadist groups because they want something better than psychopathic Sharia law for their future generations. I have an Iraqi interpreter buddy who was lucky enough to get into the states before the rise of ISIS. He is a faithful Sunni Muslim, and Shia militias in Baghdad killed several of his family members over ridiculous sectarian differences. Did he join ISIS to get revenge? No, because he knows they are just as evil. He wants to do something more with his life, and wants to be an example of a non psychotic Muslim living peacefully with his culturally diverse neighbors.


There are believed to be over 6 million Muslims living in the USA. That’s a lot of Muslims, and keeping that number in mind… where are all the car bombings and suicide bombings? Obviously, not all of these super religious folks are murderous terrorists.

With that being established, I will point out that those who say that ISIS and the other radical jihadist groups are not representatives of Islam are either complete idiots or liars. Also, just because a Muslim isn’t running around cutting off heads, doesn’t mean that they aren’t supporting, or at the very least, allowing this savagery to continue because of their indifference to the atrocities being committed on their behalf. They would rather strike out at those who are negatively responding to it.


We had a comment pop up in one of our forums that was an image of a dog taking a dump on an ISIS flag. An absolutely irate Muslim wrote into the page threatening to kill us and wishing horrible things on us because we allowed that on the page. He said that the flag has important religious ideology written on it, and that it was being desecrated. I rationally tried to explain to him that ISIS are the ones desecrating it, and that the reason the image was created was because of the evil bastards cutting off heads and blowing up unarmed civilians in the name of Islam. I went on to tell him how he should point his anger towards ISIS because they are responsible for the hatred that is being directed toward his religion, rather than the non Muslims that are reacting to it. Blinded by ideology, he just couldn’t grasp such a simple notion. We’ve actually had to deal with these types of people on several occasions.

While it is true that only a small percentage of Muslims are radical jihadists, it must be understood that there are roughly two-billion Muslims in the world. So even if a “small percentage” are radicalized, that translates to literally millions of savages willing to cut your head off over their firm belief in some archaic wizardry. That’s a lot of crazy people, and it needs to be acknowledged.


The most astonishing part is the liberal left’s response. In the last decade, we as a nation have plummeted into a pathetic hole of self-guilt perpetuated by ridiculous political correctness. You can’t discuss matters of race without being called a racist. A low life, violent criminal scumbag gets a long-deserved police officer’s bullet to the face, and we turn him into the victim. Our president, supposedly the most powerful man in the world, cannot bring himself to say the phrase “radical Islam.” People spend their days trying to find ways in which they can play the victim or be oppressed. Victimhood seems to be the highest social status one can achieve. The phrase, “I’m offended” somehow holds weight, and people will lose their jobs over offending some weak-minded chump with poorly chosen words.

Islam as a whole, whether radical or not, doesn’t mesh well with our secular western government, because according to Islam, it in itself is a form of government. This is why Sharia zones spring up in areas with high Muslim concentrations. So while we may not have a huge problem presently, we will soon. In my experience, Muslims breed like rabbits, whether they can afford to feed their families or not. Those numbers translate to votes, and just take a look at Palestine to see what the result may be. While only a “small percentage” of Muslims are radical terrorists, according to apologetic, politically correct talking-points, the terror organization Hamas was voted in by an overwhelming majority of supposedly non-violent Muslims.


You would think the liberals would be up in arms about this growing problem. Freedom of speech, gay rights, abortion, and women’s rights are stanchions of liberal ideology, and for good reason. This is America, land of the free. So it just blows my mind when these same liberals cry oppression and bigotry when it comes to calling out Islam for its obvious fundamental flaws concerning these exact same civil liberties. They absolutely hate right-wing ultra Christian conservatives, but somehow accept and defend the Muslims that are incredibly more right-wing, ultra religious, and far more intolerant.

This politically correct stupidity is killing us, literally. The neighbors of the San Bernardino terrorists knew something was up and wanted to call the authorities. They didn’t because they were so scared of being labeled racist bigots. That’s insane, and the perpetuators of Islam and Sharia law are loving every second of it. They just keep pushing the boundaries, and when there is backlash, they play the victim, and the social justice warrior slime comes out in droves to further exacerbate the situation.


Now, more than ever, we need to ensure we uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, and the Bill of Rights… all of it, even if you don’t agree with some portions because your limited life experiences have not allowed you to understand the importance. These are the laws of the land that we are all subject to. There are no exemptions for those playing the victim, and those attempting to run a parallel set of rules within our borders must be confronted.

Now please take the time to watch this well-researched video concerning the growing plague of radical Islam. Stats >>>HERE<<<


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