Quick Reaction To Contact Drill With Slovenian Firearms Instructors

first published on April 26, 2017 by

Slovenian Firearms instructors from Polenar Tactical conduct a dynamic reaction to contact drill with AK-47 and Vz58 rifles. They want your opinions.

Our friends at Polenar Tactical over on Full30.com wanted us to put this video in front of you. They asked us because they want to see what you guys think of their shooting. What did they do well, what can they improve? If you don’t already know about Polenar Tactical, make sure you go give them a look on Full30, I’m sure you’ll find some of their videos both instructional, and absolutely hilarious.

Recently their team has spent time in Brazil training the special law enforcement teams to conduct operations, as well as touring the United States with companies like IWI. You can find them on Facebook here, you can find them on Full30 here.


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