Syrian Troops Dominated By SVBIED Without Putting Up A Fight

first published on January 24, 2017 by

Conscripted soldiers in the Syrian Army allow an SVBIED to roll up to their position and dominate them without putting up a fight. The vehicle is able to drive directly into their base of operations as they full on retreat, and detonate itself close enough to a group of troops that they are all instantaneously turned into a liquid state of people paste. This video is a great example of why a conscripted military under a dictator’s rule will never work.

dominated svbied

A company sized element of Syrian troops holding a position near the Abu-al_Duhur Airbase near Idlib allow themselves to be completely dominated by an HTS vehicle borne suicide bomber without ever mounting any type of defense. The car-bomb, laden with a massive amount of explosives, is able to roll up and into their position completely uncontested, and the only response from the Syrian troops is to conduct a full-on running retreat. From the looks of the drone footage released by HTS, it appears as if they did not fire a single round back at their enemies.

This could be a testament to either the poor training of the Syrian soldiers, most of whom are conscripted into this war as soon as they reach fighting age, or it could be proof of their unwillingness to fight in the face of true danger. Either way, conscripted soldiers have proven time and time again in this Syrian Civil War that they are not up to the task of fighting extremist zealots who are not only willing to die for their cause, but completely at peace with the idea of doing so.

dominated svbied

In previous videos, we have seen these same troops conducting nearly identical tactics. In this video specifically, we see a group of teenagers with a couple of hand grenades route an entire squad of Syrian troops who are completely unwilling to fight back against adversity. This fear of fighting, and fear of death, generally leads to their fears coming to fruition as the many fleeing with none fighting tactic ultimately causes them to die en mass.

Since there is little to no training happening, one can only imagine how terrible the losses are on the regime side of this never ending civil war. We know that the Russians have been on the ground conducting advise and assist missions, but we can only assume that those ground units are few and far between. Maybe if the soldiers in the video below had just a couple more weeks of training before being shipped to the front-lines, they would have had the common sense to know that sometimes the best way to make it through a sucky situation is to realize that the situation isn’t going to suck itself. Someone needs to stand at the front with a couple of RPGs and machine guns and get to sucking away.

Unfortunately for them however, no one got the shut up and suck it class. As a result, everyone in the group got to suck a little of it as a couple thousand pounds of explosives delivered by an insane religious maniac were delivered directly to their front door unopposed.


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