Royal Air Force Drone Stops Mass Public Execution By Islamic State

first published on September 20, 2017 by

A precision drone strike from the Royal Air Force against an Islamic State sniper saved dozens of civilians who were about to be executed.

During a combat operation, a Royal Air Force drone pilots spots what appears to be a public execution about to take place in the Syrian town of Abu Kamal. Instead of standing by to watch the civilians be executed, the RAF command made the decision to take a precision strike to scatter the Islamic State fighters and save the civilians.

While they were unable to directly target the fighters on the ground due to the extreme risk of killing the civilians as well, they made the decision to hit the sniper that was watching over the ordeal. The strike scatters the Islamic State troops like ants, and buys the civilians who were about to be killed time to flee the scene and hopefully escape.

This is the first video to be released from inside the Qatar military HQ of UK personnel in action against Islamic State. It illustrates the actions that they have been taking inside of the conflict area in order to preserve life.