How America’s Bomber Fleet Provides Nuclear Deterrence

first published on April 15, 2019 by

America’s bomber fleet provides nuclear deterrence on an unprecedented level. This is why human beings haven’t destroyed each other with our most powerful weapons.


Nuclear Deterrence Theory gained traction during the Cold War between the United States of America and the Soviet Union. The general premise is that because of the guaranteed mutually assured destruction, neither nuclear powered nation would be willing to be the first one to fire off humanity’s most destructive weapon of war knowing that it would cause the other nation to also fire off their nuclear arsenal in response.

Today, Nuclear Deterrence and mutually assured destruction are both still very powerful motivators in preventing the use of nuclear weapon systems in conflicts around the world. In the United States, nuclear armed submarines and the most advanced bomber fleet in the world act in concert to assure that America has a strong force in readiness. When combined, the day to day operations of these two things ensure that other nuclear armed world powers are knowledgeable of America’s ability to bring the most devastating weapon systems known to man straight to the fight within minutes.

According to Bernard Brodie in 1959, a credible nuclear deterrent must always be armed and at the ready, yet never used. It is interesting to think that one of the only reasons nuclear weapon systems have not been used since World War 2 is that there is a credible and psychological strategy of absolute world wide destruction in place preventing politicians from pushing any red buttons. The same politicians who have access to tax payer funded networks of underground fallout shelters to keep them safe in the event of nuclear attack.

The video below comes to us courtesy of the United States Defense Department and Jon Poindexter.


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