Car Filled With Propane Tanks Rams Air Force Gate In Possible Attack

first published on March 23, 2018 by

An unauthorized civilian attempted to gain entry into Travis Air Force base in northern California on Wednesday night with a vehicle loaded with propane tanks that resulted in the driver’s death and a fiery explosion.

According to reports, the driver rammed through the security checkpoint and crashed into a ditch. Law enforcement officials say the driver then deliberately ignited a fire using the propane tanks. The driver, who has been identified by law enforcement but has yet to be named, died in the blaze.

Security Force Airmen approached the vehicle and attempted to use fire extinguishers on the fiery wreck, but immediately recognized the deadly threat of the burning propane tanks. They withdrew to a safe distance as emergency response teams arrived.

Explosive Ordnance Disposal teams responded to the scene for possible unexploded secondary devices, while firefighters attempted to stifle the blaze.

The FBI has joined the Air Force in a terrorism investigation considering the driver’s actions were intentional. However, the motive may be the result of some sort of psychological or suicidal condition.

Travis Air Force Base is a key logistics hub for West Coast military operations and is the home to approximately 7,000 Air Force personnel. The possible attack was considered an isolated incident, and the main gate has been reopened. There is no known current threat to the base.


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