Graphic: Propaganda Proves ISIS Losing Ground and Support

first published on April 2, 2016 by

A new propaganda release from the Islamic State proves that the organization is losing ground and support while back peddling in Iraq.

Less than a year ago the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria was at its peak. They were in control of large amounts of land in between Iraq, and Syria, and they had vast numbers of fighters supporting their campaign in both countries.

Propaganda Ground Support

At this time in the conflict, the propaganda pieces that were coming out of the country from Daesh were insanely large scale. They showed advanced attacks, against large positions, with equipment that would cost the organization a lot of money. The propaganda videos often called out entire countries, and told them that they soon would be raising the black flag in the first world.

Footage 12 Propaganda Ground Support

Fast forward one year. Operation Inherent Resolve, the Iraqi Government, and the Kurdish People have been blasting Daesh to pieces all across Iraq. In Syria, Daesh has been facing stiff opposition from every warring faction involved in the conflict.

The time for the end of Daesh is near. Their propaganda machine is spouting off louder than ever, and the videos they are producing prove only one thing. The organization is currently in its death throes.

They’ve resorted back to showing themselves train for Jihad in daily propaganda releases, while calling for the support of would-be jihadists in their area. The attacks they’re using for the videos are small scale ambushes on under prepared, under manned defensive checkpoints. The equipment they’re using is back to lone pick-ups and guys with AK’s. Everything you find in the recent releases directly points back to the organization failing.

Deash Ground Support Propaganda

The video below is an example of the propaganda machine trying to turn a small ambush into a huge victory. It shows a small team of Daesh fighters in a pickup truck attacking a small outpost and overrunning the individuals manning it.

Warning: This video contains graphic content which may not be suitable for all viewers. Viewer discretion is advised
The audio track has been removed due to extreme levels of jihad music.


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