NSFW: Recognizing Fake Propaganda Films From Terror Organizations

first published on June 25, 2018 by

Much of the propaganda coming out of terror organizations in the Middle East is unbelievably fake. This not safe for work example will aid you in spotting faked propaganda videos in the future. Remember, not everything you see on the internet is real, and not everything you find while scrolling through your news feed should be taken at face value. These are the signs you should be on the look out for.

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When you hear the word terror organization, the first things that comes to mind are terrible attacks against unsuspecting civilians. Most individuals confronted with the word terror organization don’t tend to find themselves thinking of multimedia wars, because it’s not what the groups are known for. Instead, they think about the World Trade Center attacks in 2001, bombings at the Boston Marathon, or any number of mass shootings and vehicular attacks inside of the European Union.

In spaces like Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, and any other number of social media based platforms however, there is another conflict being waged against the minds of young impressionable people. Propaganda is published at the near cyclic rate by terror sponsored multimedia companies who wield commercial grade cameras and video editing software as their primary weapons in a never ending battle against the world’s youth. The kicker is, a lot of that propaganda is unbelievably fake, and we’re going to help you learn how to spot it.

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Using the video at the bottom of this article, we’re going to look for a few things. Often, Syrian Arab Army soldiers who are captured on the battlefield are taken as prisoners, and used in these media projects to make the terror organizations look like tactical geniuses. This drives recruitment, and allows the soon to be radicalized to think that the group they are enlisting in have the skills and tools needed to help them survive in the on-going fight against the “non-believers.” In reality however, these groups are laughably terrible in combat, and without staged firefight videos they generally look like absolute clowns.

Looking at these videos through unclouded eyes, there are some things that you can easily notice that stand out and point towards the videos being faked combat footage. First, the speed at which the extremists are moving in “contested territory” is a big red flag. These guys are moving almost as if they know the enemy controlled area they are moving into is clear. Second, when they spot their targets and engage them you’ll notice that the enemy combatants are unarmed with no firearms nearby, and not exactly dressed for front-line battle with their rain boots. Third, you’ll also notice that the building these guys are clearing looks as if it has already been cleared out or previously been the site of a battle due to the scorch marks on the inside, and the pock-marked and bullet-filled walls. Also, it’s convenient that they just happen to clear directly to the location of the enemy fighters without checking a singular corner on their way up, and the ensuing “firefight” has zero return fire.

Being aware of what is, and what isn’t fake propaganda serves no real purpose to those who will never be radicalized. Individuals who may be on the brink however, should read this article and realize that they are being fed a load of malarkey by these organizations. While the propaganda is well-produced due to high budgets, and some of the speech contained inside may resonate with individuals who are lost, joining up with any of these organizations is a one way ticket into a meat grinder of hatred that you’ll never escape.

It’s all bull-shit kids, and it’s bad for you.

Warning: This video contains scenes of graphic violence, including the close-up execution of Syrian Arab Army soldiers. Viewer discretion is advised.


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