Drone: Regime Troops Lose Prominent Terrain During Mujaheddin Attack

first published on September 13, 2016 by

A Mujaheddin drone records an all out attack against a prominent piece of terrain in the Qunaytira countryside. The Regime troops are forced to retreat.

It appears as if the war in Syria will drag on for another decade before either side can come to a decisive victory. Troops on the ground have made technological advances that should not be possible because of consumer produced electronics purchased on Amazon. Drones have changed the way that reconnaissance, forward observing, and battlefield awareness is shaped in the Syrian Civil War. In the primitive hands of these barely trained ground troops, it now makes more sense to lose terrain, and re-attack it at a later date using your own Amazon purchased aerial surveillance assets.

I believe that we will continue to see these types of tactics for the duration of the war. This will continue until one side is fully defeated and has no more troops to commit to the fight, or until a world super power steps in with a sizable ground force commitment. If the first option is the one the world decides to go with, this conflict will rage on for a very long time. Neither side is willing to commit to a full out defense, and they instead retreat at the first sign of an attack. Then they re-attack the position perpetuating this cycle forever with minimal ground casualties.


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