Pro Syrian Forces Crushing Al Qaeda In Southwestern Syria

first published on June 29, 2018 by

Russian ANNA News released a video documenting recent pro Syrian anti insurgency operations in southwestern Syria.

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA), backed by Iranian militias, and covered by Russian air power are actively taking ground from Hyat Tahrir ash Sham (HTS, al Qaeda in Syria) near Daraa, close to the borders of Israel, Jordan, and Lebanon.

The operation is disregarding a previously agreed upon deescalation zone brokered between the US, Jordan, and Russia. Western media is stating that the operation is threatening the lives of over 750,000 civilians and will undoubtedly make the humanitarian crisis in Syria, and the refugee crisis in Europe much worse.

Israel will be nervous of having Iranian forces so close to its border and will strike any target it can verify. Although, the Iranian troops and militias have switched to wearing Syrian uniforms to mitigate the threat of Israeli strikes.

The US deputy ambassador to the UN, Jonathan Cohen, claimed, “The United States is deeply concerned by the Syrian regime’s new offensive … with direct support from Russia … in the south-west, where ongoing airstrikes, barrel bombs, artillery and rocket attacks are taking a significant toll on the civilian population.” Beyond the words of condemnation, the US is unlikely to do anything militarily.

The video shows pro Syrian forces rapidly taking outlying villages with coordinated infantry and armor operations.