Number Of Private Military Contractors In Afghanistan Highest In Years

first published on April 29, 2019 by

Since President Obama erroneously declared an end to combat operations in Afghanistan, the number of private military contractors his steadily risen, with a significant spike in the last three months.

private military contractors

Almost 6,000 security specific PMCs are currently employed and operating under government contracts in Afghanistan. The number of PMCs increased by over 1,000 (20%) in the last three months.

Private contractors are often used when politicians are trying to reduce official troop numbers to appease public opinion while still having to maintain a similar scope of operations. Contractor deaths are also not highlighted in the media like fallen service members and do not appear as a negative blotter on political records.

Contractors fill many roles in logistic fields such as construction, electrical, and mechanical duties. About half of the PMCs in Afghanistan are doing armed security.

The opponents of war zone contracting suggest that their use shrouds accountability and responsibility of waste, bad policy, and war crimes.


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