Previously Unreleased Footage Of SEAL Team 2 Operating In Vietnam

first published on September 8, 2017 by

Super 8, a previously unreleased film about SEAL Team 2 in Vietnam was just released to YouTube by the owner, Former Navy SEAL Captain Ron Yeaw.

In this previously unreleased 30 minute film, taken by USN Captain Ron Yeaw (Ret.), we get to see SEAL Team 2 operating in Vietnam. A lot of the footage that was taken by the team was pre-staged in order to record some of the teams actions and standard operating procedures, but a good portion of it is also taken in the raw, while on combat operations.

At the time of this posting only 5,000 people worldwide have seen this footage. There is no audio, but below there is a link to a Reddit thread where you can ask the man behind the video any questions you may have about the things you are seeing.

The video was first published to YouTube September 6, 2017, and the original poster is the son of Captain Yeaw. He also posted the video to Reddit, where his father answered a series of questions about the footage from other redditors. You can view, and participate in, that Reddit thread at this LINK.


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