Press TV Catches an Explosive Near Miss in Baaj

first published on June 11, 2017 by

A Press TV Crew, conducting an interview along a roadside, accidentally catches an explosive near miss in Baaj, Iraq. The lucky crew provides a window to the casual dangers of life in a warzone.

Press TV Catches

The Press TV Crew has set up along a road and just a short distance from a traffic circle. They’re conducting an interview with an enthusiastic Iraqi in uniform, apparently discussing the recent gains in Baaj. An Iraqi Humvee in the background unassumingly enters the frame as it drives around the traffic circle. An explosion suddenly rocks the passenger side of the vehicle, detonating roughly 5-10 meters away from the armored Humvee. Presumably an IED, the Humvee pushes through the kill zone and towards the stunned crew. The uniformed Iraqi is largely unrattled by the sudden explosion and nonchalantly points out the unfolding drama, yelling to the vehicle as it passes. The Humvee takes this explosion well with minimal damage and only appears to need a tire change, as its run flats carry it through the videos conclusion.

Press TV Catches

Covering the news in a warzone may occasionally and unintentionally lead to participating in the stories themselves. Often, the realities of war can be difficult to convey to a public far from the battlefields. The randomness of this video, and the accidental capture by this crew, highlights the very real dangers of everyday life in Iraq and Syria. You may think an area has been liberated or secured, but that’s seldom the reality. For Iraq it appears, “Head on a swivel” will be a way of life for the foreseeable future.


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