Predator: The Musical – The Real Reason Behind The Space Corps

first published on July 21, 2017 by

The real reason that the space corps initiative exists can be found inside of this predator video. We need these guys as soon as possible.

The Predator. An apex killing machine from outer space. The species’ entire evolutionary path has turned them into a monstrosity that cannot be stopped by any fighting force in the Galaxy. It carries an equipment load out complete with thermal and night vision scanning systems, multiple blades and shoulder fired plasma cannons, and an active camouflage system that cannot be detected by any normal sentient being in the universe.

There is only one thing that needs to be remembered when dealing with these creatures. They bleed, so we can kill them. That is why we are constructing the space corps initiative. As the group becomes a formidable deadly fighting unit themselves, they will be trained in active stealth camouflage detection, and armed with shields that can stop plasma cannons. Here is a short musical put together by some of the earliest members during one of their encounters with one of the monsters that first landed on Earth. They were able to defeat the creature using conventional methods pulled straight out of the Vietnam War era.


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