Russian Jets Pound ISIS Targets With Dumb Bombs

first published on July 24, 2016 by

Six Russian Tu-22M3 strategic bombers pound multiple ISIS targets inside of Palmyra, Syria with crazy accurate dumb bombs.

If ISIS ever thinks that they are going to get reprieve from airstrikes, they have another thing coming. The Russians continue to pound them day in and day out with strategic bombs.

There are some rumors floating around the internet, that the Russians aren’t even taking the conflict seriously. Those individuals who believe this is the case, have been theorizing that the Russians are using the entire conflict as a gigantic training ground. It honestly doesn’t sound that far fetched of an idea.

What better way to get your pilots thousands of hours of flight time, then by putting them into an active conflict that suits the economic needs of your country? There is no reason to take anything seriously if you are simply training to pound American or NATO targets later. Just drop a bunch of dumb bombs that your country stock piled during the Cold War. You can always save the good stuff for the real fight.


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